Thursday, August 28, 2008

Celebrity sighting(?)

My last post was about Perl and my experiences working with it and its fans. I'm not a huge fan of the language - I'm planning another post that details what I like and don't like about it. I think it has few characteristics that are fundamentally flawed, for example.

However, I'm pretty sure I saw Larry Wall in the Detroit airport a few weekends ago when I was flying to Seattle for a friend's wedding. The excitement that I heard in my own voice when I pointed him out to my wife Jenn made me realize that I think Perl's good points have been a positive influence on programming culture.

So thanks, Larry.


Quinn Fazigu said...

You should have related to him the worst of your Perl experiences and ask how he reconciles such horrors with his belief in a loving and merciful God.

Kevin C. Baird said...

Thanks, Quinn. Entertaining point.

I would be very happy to live in a universe where the worst evil that anyone ever had to endure was me having to put up with a programming language with some features that moderately annoy me.